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Angel eyes

Lash extentions by Fallon


Angel Eyes by Fallon offers synthetic mink eyelashes

authentic mink can be provided upon request during booking.


Half set: 50-60% classic coverage $80.00

Full set: 90-100% classic coverage $115.00

Classic set lash extensions are a more traditional lash application, providing a natural appearance using a 1 dimensional technique where one lash extension is adhered to one natural lash.


Half set: 50-60% volume coverage $110.00

Full set: 90-100% volume coverage $150.00

Volume lashes, also known as glam lashes, provides a more glamorous appearance. this technique uses 2,3,and 4 dimensional application where two or more lashes are adhered to one natural lash giving a voluminous look.

Fills and Removal

Classic fills: depending loss range, $25-$40.00

Volume fills : depending on loss range, $30-$50.00

Did you know that your natural lashes shed daily shedding an average of 3 -5 lashes a day? So as your natural lashes fall out so will the extension that's attached to it. Your extensions should be filled every 2 - 4 weeks to keep them looking fresh!

Lash Removal: $25.00

Everyone needs a break once in awhile. Not a problem! Angel eyes offers a quick and painless lash removal that causes no damage to natural lashes.